Steam! East Lancs Railway.

Some of the refurbished steam locomotives seen up at Bury South. (Well, the level-crossing near what was Rileys – good spot to spot ’em from). These days engineers, lines and locomotives are all ooparts!
From this spotting spot have seen Flying Scotsman, Tornado, Union of South Africa, Witherslack Hall, and all the East Lancs ‘regulars’.

2 Responses to Steam! East Lancs Railway.

  1. Gatekeeper here, good to see you at the gates. I will have to ask the management if I can let you stand inside the gates in the future but they may not allow that. At least you finally got the engine. More than what I did! Try this one… …in Bury, to see ”The Flying Scotsman” !

  2. condor says:

    Thanks John (gatekeeper!?) 🙂 Fence is close enough with all the noise and steam! Good video there and there are quite a few of Scotsman – some very good ‘pro” shots. I like the steamers but will watch for the diesels at crossing.
    Cheers John!

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