M/C, Bolton & Bury Canal.

Over the years hundreds of canal pix taken; too many to show. Instead videos literally from one end to the other – a great local oopart and bike route. Ask for ‘special’ pix in comments.
Video is part one of four from Radcliffe to Little Lever along canal tow-path. The video’s are named: a, b, c and d and often follow each other when streamed. A fifth video – ‘extra’s’ – (On Ladyshore Page) takes you down Ladyshore to the river and then down Prestolee Road, at Nob End, to the canal’s Manchester arm over an aqueduct.
Other videos here are from Radcliffe to Bury arm.
At Radcliffe Bury arm is accessed behind the Town Hall building, a slope for bikers, or by the pub near the canal, steps. Little Lever ‘entrance’ is across the main road. The first parts are rough cobbles.

Third spot here is from Warth back to Withins. From Warth to Wellington Street, at Bury, is on Hinds Lane page.

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