oc6Along Woodhill Road at Bury is the now ‘adopted’ park-style area called Burrs. At the north end of this park the Manchester, Bolton and Bury Canal was initially fed with water from the River Irwell. Later Elton Reservoir was built to do this canal-feed job.
As well as canal remains there are remains of Burrs Mill and some of its machinery platforms.
Burrs is a large area so a few pics were taken at a time.
oc7oc8 The first stone bridge pictured is Georges Bridge over the Irwell. It’s before you get to Burrs proper but is part of Cycle Route 6.
oc10Second bridge is East Lancs rail bridge over Irwell.
oc11Third bridge picture is of a huge rail bridge I think. You can’t get a pic of all of it unless you go back – and then trees get in the way.oc12That pub brings back a few memories!
oc13The ‘megaliths’ are the old steam-engine bed at, I imagine, Burrs Mill.
Final pic was taken on top of Georges Bridge.
ov9Burrs is a big place. Must go again to get pictures of the canal structures. A good bike-ride from Radcliffe – I did just over 10 miles there and back.

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