The video is ‘sales’ orientated but Brien gets good pictures of the really unexplained structures. The three huge foundation stones at Baalbek (Trilithon) and the two similar in quarries about half a mile away, are beyond general academic explanation.

Logically there are two explanations:
1) The builders were bigger (by far) than us.
2) The builders had ‘machinery’ that’s never been discovered/found or re-invented. There is a Youtube video of a single man erecting/lifting a twenty ton concrete slab using a simple counter-balance method.
Jeanne-Pierre Houdin figures the great pyramid’s gallery was a counter-weight system for lifting 100 ton plus blocks. Trilithon stones are 500 to 1000 tons. Some pink granite column blocks, at Baalbek, look like Aswan granite – it’s 1000 miles away.
Trilithon stones are quarried stone not an accretion.
Along Radcliffe’s canal is a (nineteenth century) steam crane. It could lift tons of coal at a time from canal barges; it’s ‘technology’ is steam and gears.
So, logically, the best bet for the Trilithon is ‘machinery’ the really big question is: When? Roman? The Temples are Roman style, Trilithon is different, looks far older …

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