Thursday 15th October 2015.

At the end of Daisyfield Greenway (NCR 6), coming from Bury toward Radcliffe, is a cross-roads. Turning right gets you to the side-streets behind Bury and Bolton Road. Turning left takes you over the Elton Reservoir feed stream oopart and then, following that stream by turning right, you’ll reach Elton Reservoir Boat Club car-park on your right. Keeping left along the lane behind the club takes you to a farm gate – you can go past and come out at Benny’s Ruin near Bank Top Bridge over Manchester, Bolton and Bury Canal at Warth. But going through the right turn-off style and up the steep bit of path you’re atop Elton reservoir embankment. Go down to the farm lane, turn left to Benny’s Ruin and turn right for Bank Top Bridge. Bury/Radcliffe Road is half a mile away under Lattice Bridge and along by River Irwell path to that main road. Several ooparts on the route which is fairly flat.

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