Monday 7th September 2015.

A field with horses is, in many areas, something of an oopart lately but locally there are quite a few.
Major ‘oopart’ discoveries in the UK happen now and then and very recently, in the Stonehenge vicinity, a buried line of megaliths has been found by modern radar equipment. The megaliths, lumps of stone as at Stonehenge, seem to be about fifteen feet long and quite bulky. And there are maybe ninety of them.
Once again a major puzzle for our archaeologists. Already ‘ritual’ has been purported for the meaning/purpose of the stone arrangement. Shortly doubtless ‘spacemen’ will be another offering. And/or Giants. And/or an ‘Ancient Civilization’.
Whatever it was it’s just another massive archaeological conundrum among the many in that area.
Sadly it’s a bit distant for access by bike, then again, folk from all over the place accessed the area at that time …

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