Saturday 1st August 2015.

A large oopart steams up to Bury South this morning pulling its train of umpteen coaches. These things are so big it’s difficult to photograph ’em. When one has gone past, and you get back onto your bike, you feel really small! But a great sight to kick-off a post or two in August.
Local bike-routes are all open okay but, as ever at this time of year, watch-out for the Hogweeds and, I’ve noticed, the thick straggling bramble branches that, here and there, extend across the paths. The thorns are huge. There are too a few low branches on the (say) Wellington Viaduct access paths. They can, if you’re not careful, have someone’s eye out.
Sky-Ride tomorrow – Sunday 2nd – at Manchester. A unicyclist not a million miles away will be going.

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