Sunday, 7th December 2014.

Heavy rain earlier but it’s gone off a bit. Bike-time?
No, it’s throwing it down again!
So a pic from earlier in the year of the old dis-used and empty aqueduct miles away in the wilds of Prestwich (I think) that is reached from the Nature Trail at Radcliffe or Agecroft.
When visited, and it’s just a teeny bit off the beaten tracks, this old brick and stone relic was emplanted with the biggest Giant Hogweed so far seen, by us at any rate, and the rest of the channel – many feet above the River Irwell far below – was generally overgrown with all sorts of weeds. It’s difficult too to get a pic of the structure from below as thickly-wooded areas hide the thing. But it is there after about two hundred years of being ‘in existence’. Close by is the well-known and far more visible railway viaduct (pictures below I think) and you do have to hunt around a bit to gain access to the aqueduct which is, really, blocked-off as an actual route-way.(As is the viaduct – they’re both not 100% safe)
A good woodland walk or ride from Radcliffe, over motorway bridge and then look for viaduct signs near the steep downhill paths after the bridge. Riding back up these, on the way back, is training indeed!
But quite manageable!

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