Monday 4th August 2014.

Cold (oh yes!) and misty early-on but a few miles done on the bike. (With freezing fingers!)
Yesterday over 10,000 and possibly 15,000 (depending on what you read) cyclists took part in this year’s Manchester Sky Ride. Along the route the roads of Manchester were closed.
Locally, around North Manchester, there are cycle routes along canal tow-paths and the Nature Trail, where you can cycle several miles traffic-free. Many local roads have cycle lanes.
Some of these routes, locally, are of course old canal tow-paths and ex-railway tracks that have been converted to footpaths and/or cycle routes. Most of them are ooparts (out-of-place-artifacts) and riding around them is like going back in time. For those as yet unfamiliar with the local routes a few photo’s are here as a route guide.
Seeking them out, with bike and camera, keeps you fit as well as being interesting.

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