Wednesday 30th October 2013.

Good weather, if a touch cooler, for a bike-ride this morning and The Red Bridge, at Coney Green, is, in a way an oopart as it is still well-used by folk crossing the canal by bike or on foot.
At Radcliffe (Town Hall end) the canal is culverted (blocked except for a ‘pipe’.) at a main-road bridge and thus barge traffic, if it ever came back, couldn’t pass. Strangely, I can’t think of another road route that allows traffic to cross the canal. There are bridges – some in bad repair, some just footbridges. But road bridges? Mmm…I’m not sure.
So shoving a barge-friendly bridge at Water Street would be problems indeed for motorists.
Sunny weather this morning but there are, by the Metrolink tracks, some areas now covered in large ponds. In pic two the white spot left of centre is a swan (there were a pair) on such a pond.
It’s been a bit windy lately and a few roads are strewn with felled tree-branches, one or two of them quite large along Bury Road this morning. But the mega-puddles have drained away leaving piles of rotting leaves in roadside gutters. Take care if on two-wheels and having to pass these. Some leaf-piles contain hefty branch bits that are hidden.
Far better than the roads is the tow-path – easily accessed at Withins – pic three.

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