Thursday 26th September 2013.

Cooler and fresher air this morning which made the bike-ride easier. There’s nothing worse than muggy, drizzly, misty air when you’re trying to ride a bike. It was too very busy this morning on the main-roads and so a detour to cycle-routes was the best option. On the return ride the stones of the topless bridge, at Coney Green, now with a new poetic (?) inscription, are an interesting oopart. Some of them are massive and have centrally-placed holes, at either side, that would have made lifting, with metal grabs, much safer.
The ride, today, was short: down Ainsworth Road – left at Town Hall – left onto Bury Road and then left to the canal at Withins. Back along the canal and up Banana Walk.
Time taken? About half an hour but sometimes it can be much less. Or a bit more. 30 minutes a day, of reasonable exercise, is fine for geriatrics. But some days I’m out well over an hour.

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