Tuesday 24th September 2013.

Rode over that distant bridge yesterday, in Bury, but today turned-off from Manchester Road onto Belle Vue Terrace, to go over the old footbridge that crosses the railway lines.
Many ooparts are below it; the signal-box (?) of Bury South beside the tracks and carriages. The trains here, some being repaired at the nearby workshops, are of the steam and deisel variety. Some of them ply the route to Rawtenstall in original livery and specification. The stations too are kept as authentic as possible.
The bike-ride today was, as usual, down Ainsworth Road to the Town Hall and then along Bury Road to Manchester Road and up to Bury. But here, as said, a left turn onto an ‘old’ side-street: Belle Vue Terrace, and along that to the footbridge. Then a few back-streets lead to Wellington Street viaduct and a small old footbridge by its side. This leads to Wellington Street and from there Hinds Lane was ridden to the Radcliffe Canal tow-path and eventually Banana Walk at Radcliffe.
Beside Wellington Street, which is re-developed, there are still areas of greenery-covered cobbles which were once the ground surface of a mill that sided the canal at this point. Where warehouses now stand, rows of houses once stood and then, as the ‘in water’ sections of the canal are reached, the land is, and was, farmed.

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