Monday 23rd September 2013.

It was, this morning, much cooler than yesterday and so a bike ride to Bury was possible. The photo shows the road bridge, near Bury Town Hall, that goes over the rail tracks to Bolton Street Station. Just below that bridge ooparts abound! Old trains, carriages, workshops and, further along, the Station itself. From there steam trains ply the route to Rawtenstall as they did in the hey-day of steam train travel.
A good ride, for the geriatric, then today. Down Ainsworth Road – busy it being a Monday – Water Street to the Town Hall then left along Spring Lane (or go behind the Town Hall) and then left along Bury Road.
Carry on along Bury Road to Manchester Road and ride up to Bury. Then left and down to Elton (picture taken) and up the long climb of Bury and Bolton Road. This isn’t as bad as it seems. The climb is in three parts seperated by easier flat sections (one actually dips a bit) and a not too low gear has found to be best.
A left turn at Grindsbrook Road leads you back to Ainsworth Road and (for me) home.
This ride will be lengthened by carrying on along Spring Lane/Cross Lane/Dumers Lane to Manchester Road, and then riding up to Bury.
Much of the above route was within cycle lanes and may be 7 to 8 miles.
At Bury going along Belle Vue Street, over the footbridge to the Wellington Street Viaduct Cycle-Route and then the canal, would be a ‘way home’ that misses-out the Bury and Bolton Road hill.

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