Saturday 21st September 2013.

Stood a few yards from Ye Olde Tower, in Radcliffe, the JCB and the bulldozer looked out-of-place themselves. It’s all part of a ‘dig’, in and around the Tower and the nearby park, to find out more about local history.
Being a Saturday morning and early the local roads were fairly quiet. Ideal for the old, slow, cyclist. So, for a start, it was a nice easy downhill run along Ainsworth Road, then Water Street, behind the Town Hall and onto Spring Lane then along to Dumers Lane and Ye Olde Tower. (Photo taken.)
There were, not all that long ago, many large factories along this lane and it was said that any local unemployed lad should, at about nine o’clock am, walk along it calling at all the factories for work. The story went that by dinner-time – twelve noon, you’d not only be employed but on overtime!
Most, if not all, of those large mill-related factories have long-gone and with them much of the local industrial wealth of the area. It was a very busy place.
At the end of Dumers Lane a left turn onto Manchester Road and a ride up to Bury Road to turn left and ride along to Withins Lane and a right turn, over the bridges to the canal. It’s not far, from here, to the Red Bridge at Coney Green and then a ride up Banana Walk and, eventually, home. A good few miles, when it’s clear of traffic, for road riding. Much of those roads too have cycle-lanes which do help.

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