Saturday 1st June 2013.

Old maps and diagrams, seen on the ‘net, of the Ladyshore Colliery around Little Lever along the Manchester, Bolton and Bury Canal, show a ‘basin’ or channel running off the main canal cut into old colliery pit workings on the southern, tow-path side of the main canal. As you ride or walk along the canal these days, there’s nothing left of this side-channel, or its basin, ( a small lagoon) where barges that carried coal etc., would be moored. The tow-path now seems unbroken.
So a ride along the southern section of the canal, from Radcliffe, was done to see if there was any trace of this basin, which a local lad actually remembers being fairly full of barges when he was a youngster.
While along there, luckily, I met another local who could point-out various spots, so I knew I was in the right spot at least!

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