Sunday 27th January 2013.

Some pages have been ‘upgraded’ and are really local ‘bike-rides’ around the OOPARTS of (so far) Radcliffe and Bury. Little Lever is also featured and that, I believe, is in Bolton. Radcliffe Canal – from Bury to Radcliffe – is shown with pictures from 2012 and from Radcliffe to Little Lever, along the canal, already ridden a few times, will be featured with new photographs from 2013 when weather is better.
From the megaliths (locks) at Little Lever the ‘path’, via Prestolee, was, late last year, deeply water-logged but it’s not far from the locks – aqueduct – Prestolee to the Outwood Trail and, via this, back to Radcliffe Centre, which would be a good ride for the geriatric.
Burrs and Jumbles are also possibles for rides out with an eye ever open for OOPARTS.

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