Friday October 19th 2012.

A look around the Metrolink track was done but nothing conclusive found that could indicate a station, along the Radcliffe/Bury line, at or near Withins.
The Radcliffe Stations known, most with photo’s on the ‘net are:
Radcliffe Central. (Present Station)
Bradley Fold.
Ringley Road. (Wood Street)
Black Lane.
Ainsworth Road. (Ainsworth Halt)
Radcliffe Bridge. (Green Street)
The seventh is ‘Radcliffe North’ or Withins Station of which no record is (easily) found. The station was only in use four or five years and nothing is named on old maps. A tow-path cyclist suggests that it was located where the level-crossing is now. A station after the Lattice Bridge, going north, would of course be in Bury.

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