Illumination please!

You can trawl all around the web-pages and ‘sites about Egypt, Tiahuanaco and the like for ages and think, mmm…ritual stuff and ceremonial buildings. Okay, fair enough, it is a good ‘get-out’ when you simply haven’t got a clue what stuff is or was for.
But now and then you see something that really tests your patience with the accepted story that ninety-nine percent of say Egyptian life was involved with ‘religion’.
For instance, I’d really like to know what the guys in these depictions were actually doing: (The ‘glows’ on the third pic have been photoshopped – or it would have really ooparted the stuff!)
Their art was very much of a simple style, but it was, in the main, expertly done – especially the early stuff. Technical subjects like sailing a boat or dragging a large statue or making mud-bricks were depicted quite clearly if not so from a perspective point of view.
So what are they doing in the pictures above? There is no evidence for ‘light-bulbs’ in any associated written text, but the depictions hardly picture something ‘ritual’? Seemingly magical perhaps, but hardly ritual.
Holding up what appear to be some kind of ‘light filaments’ is the old Djed pillar. This features in Egyptian art literally from the word go – and no one has a clue to what it really is or represents. Strangely it always appears in connection with ‘rituals’ that involve The Pharoah or similar high-ranking officials.
So rather than just look at ‘the light-bulbs’ above and compare them to modern-day artefacts, perhaps the whole scenario above should be ‘looked at’ as a whole instead. The elements (? 🙂 ) to consider are: Major lighting. Thick cables. Technical apparatus. Technicians with headgear. A kind of ‘pillar’ that appears with, and seems to accompany,  those that are ‘famous’.
Then again they could have just been catching snakes!!
A breath of fresh-air here, init?

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