Unseen ooparts

These days photographs of what were perhaps once ‘ooparts’ are plentiful on the ‘net. Mexican pyramids, Egyptian pyramids, Tiahuanaco, and all of the now well-visited historical sites are there to intrigue us, with their size, construction type or sheer age. But there is one thing that all of these historical sites have in common, regardless of anything else.
That ‘something’ is, as you realise the sheer size and scale of say a Mexican pyramid complex, more of an oopart than the buildings are perhaps. Particularly as you go back in time further and further. But much of that is merely ‘us’ thinking that right now, we’re the bees-knees.
Even at the now ancient and seemingly ‘rough-cut’ Stonehenge site (and, apparently all around it for miles…) there was this common concept that rarely gets a mention or is often never even considered.
The Architect. The ‘Man with The Plan’ that has been there throughout history but who has faded away as his/her projects outlasted his/her very civilisation. Who taught them? How did they record a Plan? (We draw them to scale) In Egypt one such is in fact recorded – Imhotep. His plans and ideas for stone were then unique – he left his designs to stagger us even today – as do all the other Ancient Designers and Architects. Their works are all ooparts in our eyes to some extent, but they themselves are ooparts extraordinary!

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