What is it?

In the true sense Stonehenge isn’t really an oopart. There are many such structures (some only recently being discovered) in the British Isles. The strange thing about these things is that their use is unknown – yet it must have been of major importance then, for the building work to be needed. We still have no idea of what Stonehenge was for.
Initially, at this site, archaeo’s have determined that a simple but fairly large ditch and bank was constructed – by hand-digging and piling – and that a ring of holes, like post holes, were dug just inside the bank. A few cremation remains were found in these. For years before this a few large post-holes were all that was in the area – so around 3100 BC, in what appears to be a forested area then, folk got together and dug the ditch and the holes. (Aubrey Holes)* Simple ‘reconstruction’ diagrams of the site then, which looks like a living area or very small ‘family’ village, appear to have nothing to do with the sun or moon or solstices – it appears that the site was just an enclosed circular area. Strangely though local folk seemed to build homes outside it rather than in it.
It was several hundred years later that different folk in the area decided to cart ‘Bluestones’, possibly from Wales or from places where retreated ice had left them, and then erect those inside the old ditch site. Did these folk know the initial use or meaning of the site, or was their idea entirely different?
* Very recent excavations tend to show that the Aubrey Holes did in fact hold Bluestones from the first construction date. This puts Bluestone transportation and erection 700 years earlier than previously thought.
Later still the large stones, from around the area, were found, moved, dressed and erected with at least one celestial alignment – that of the sun. Later again the old Bluestones were re-erected inside the main megalithic circle of stones.
In all folk have worked at Stonehenge for about 1500 years. Yet for much of that time no one knows why!
Or, to use a modern term, the place was continually ‘re-invented’. Despite all this the site today – we still have no real idea of what it was – does need a Car-Park as it attracts visitors as never before….
…eureka perhaps?

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