Ancient planning?

The pyramids at Giza – particularly the Great Pyramid – ever intrigue the deductive mind.
Within the Great Pyramid what can only be described as the remains of a ‘mechanism’ reside to puzzle us. Without the wooden (?) structures the ‘machine’ parts are just enigmatic blocks of stone – but at one time something major was going-on in that Grand Gallery.
That it was some form of winch for hoisting-up the larger megaliths that still stand stacked in the building is credible indeed – but large stones exist in the other pyramids without such a ‘winch’ facility.
Then again, if the Great Pyramid ‘came first’ in the build time-table could it, after its winch had helped erect it, have been in some way used to facilitate the building of the later pyramids? Was it perhaps a source of power? Whatever it was the pyramid site was carefully planned from the word go:
The layout – even now after years of plunder – still has that look of the minutely planned site about it, especially when viewed from the air. The proximity too of water to the site, could bring a modern commercial aspect to the whole area, and one that might have aided its (and other Egyptian building sites) actual building.
Without our photographic and written records to explain things, what would an Earthling make of a Cooling-Tower in 5,000 years? Was it stone? Or is it cement? How did they build it? What the heck was it for?
Doubtless the terms ‘Ceremonial’ and/or ‘Ritual’ would come into play – and that the sun shone through the cooling-towers at the Summer Solstice would be significant!

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