Megaliths exist all over the place – it’s as if everyone could shift them except us! Even China has a few biggies. These are the huge blocks partially cut from their quarry mountain for use, in the fifteenth century, as Stele parts.
The lump of stone above would have weighed about 16,000 tons and was deemed to be unmoveable – so they gave-up and left it half-dug out!
Another lump of rock – the stele slab itself, is at the site and if the three parts had been erected it would have been over 70 metres tall and would weigh, totally, about 30,000 tons. In the above pic the base bottom is on the right and the stele top bit is on the left.
As ever a human figure gives true scale to the base rock!
Other Chinese Stele, often with bases carved as turtles, reach up to about fifty feet in height and, in three parts, weigh totally about 250 tons.
Not exactly ooparts in the true sense but awesome projects nevertheless!
Compare the megaliths above with a true oopart from somewhere around the Step Pyramid at Saqqara.
This bowl is only about 9 inches diameter but it is hollowed-out perfectly to balance on the fully rounded base. For a potter to fire this would be brilliant – but this bowl is made from solid granite. You can’t chip that stuff with a bit of copper, proving that you don’t have to be big to be impossible!

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