How big?

There were several programmes on tv last night about dinosaurs. One of them featured a large bird-like creature – known as Giganoraptor – which was, even to folk now used to imagining such large animals, quite something.
The remains of this creature were dug-up in 2007 and before that no one thought that such a large ‘bird’ ever existed – most bird-like and feathered animals are relatively small.
The Giganoraptor discovered was later adjudged to be a youngish, smallish specimen of the genus.
Such finds are interesting to say the least, but also a quite alarming question arises: Are there more things as yet undiscovered that are even bigger?
So far our finds of things dinosaur are extensive, but we’ve only been at it for tops 200 years – so the possibilities for the next 200 are literally unlimited – as may be the size of dinosaurs to come…
…really though dinosaurs never went away, they’re always there, pecking away at worms and seeds all over the earth; biding their time perhaps for a King-Sized Come-Back with sapiens-sized beaks perhaps?

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